Final Report of Task Force on Displaced Palauan Residents


Task Force on Displaced Palauan Residents
Presidential Directive No. 15-12

President Tommy E. Remengesau created the Task Force on Displace Palauan Residents to be led by the Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs Baklai Temengil Chilton in response to the current crisis of local residents losing their homes due to foreign investment, sea level rise, and re-appropriation of land. The task force has been meeting since November, 2015 and while it has identified a few recommendations to address the crisis, its review is still in a preliminary stage.

This document is an overview of the discussions from the task force meetings and includes recommendations that range from creating a housing project to
implementing Smart Growth development throughout Palau. While there are a variety of concerns, the task force recognizes that livability and sustainability are
the most fundamental priorities of Palau's development

Publication Year
2 016
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