VNR 2019 (Voluntary National Review Report)


Palau  actively  participated   in  formulating  the  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  Accordingly, Palau welcomes the Voluntary National Review (VNR) process  as an opportunity  to reflect on achievements and acknowledge vulnerabilities while accelerating progress  toward  a global development  paradigm characterized by resilience,  sustainability, and equity – an Era of Sustainable Development.

Over the 25 years since independence, as a small island but large ocean state, Palau has established governance and infrastructure supportive of modern nationhood and evolved from a low-income country in 1994 to a high-income country in 2017. Palau achieved seven of the eight MDGs and has played a leadership role globally and locally  in safeguarding the environment  for future generations.  Other achievements include universal access to quality health care and education,  reduc- tion of poverty amidst a growing economy, a sustainably financed  nationwide  network  of protected areas, and  enduring regional and global partnerships.  None- theless,  challenges remain  due  to  vulnerabilities as a small island developing state,  global economic forces, and climate change



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