Office of Climate Change holds workshop to formalise NC4


Palau's National Climate Change Policy was officially endorsed in 2016 and since that time, the Office of Climate Change within Palau's Ministry of Finance, have been measuring the progress of implementation of the policy. Palau’s national climate change policy identifies 12 sectors as key players responsible in leading the endeavor to becoming a happy, healthy, sustainable, and resilient island community. This requires coordination across these 12 sectors, as well as national government agencies, NGOs, CSOs and private sector, to be able to gather information on what projects and programmes are happening on the ground that align with the actions of the policy. Until recently, a clear understanding of each sectors’ specific role in the national effort to tackle climate change was challenging.

To address this and streamline national efforts in order to achieve the optimum level of accomplishment envisioned by the national climate change policy, the Office of Climate Change has initiated the identification of sectoral focal points and the establishment of formal coordination mechanisms. A first meeting was held in July 2018. A second workshop was conducted this year, in April 2019, and has resulted in the formalisation of the National Climate Change Coordination Committee (NC4) and the National Climate Change Working Group. These mechanisms will assist in improving the mainstreaming of the National Climate Change Policy throughout all relevant sectors in Palau.