CB2 Project

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Through a learning-by-doing process, this project will harmonize existing information systems, and integrate internationally accepted measurement standards and methodologies, as well as consistent reporting on the status of the environment in Palau. It will target the development of capacities at the individual and organizational level, strengthening technical skills to manage data and transform this information into knowledge. The project will also support activities to strengthen the coordination between key sectors to address biodiversity, climate change and land degradation issues at systemic and institutional levels. Under the first component, the project will improve existing management information systems to measure achievements towards global environmental objectives. Under the second component, the project will strengthen technical capacities to monitor and evaluate the state of the environment in Palau to use improved data and information for strategic decision-making in the interest of meeting global environmental obligations. Finally, under the third component, the project will focus on enhancing the institutional sustainability of capacities developed under the project, including strengthening the institutional linkages of data and information systems across agencies and stakeholder organizations. Lessons learned and best practices will be shared in the region.

Project Status
Start Date
Friday, April 1, 2016
End Date
Thursday, October 31, 2019
3.5 years
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United Nations Development Programme