The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme


SPREP is the lead regional coordinating agency for climate change and meteorology. It works in collaboration with all CROP agencies, regional and global institutions (through the established mechanisms)  to ensure collaboration and to harness each CROP agency’s area of comparative advantage for integrated support in response to PICTs’ priority climate changeneeds. SPREP offers experience and expertise in the areas of mainstreaming climate change, extreme events and associated risks into sector policies and linking these to national sustainable development processes; identifying priorities for adaptationmitigation and multi-hazard early warning systems through vulnerability, capacity assessments and feasibility studies. In that context, SPREP supports members in carrying out adaptationmitigation and application of weather and climate information programmes through appropriate approaches fit for purpose and various communities situation including the ecosystem based approach, all of island approach, socio-economic and gender considerations, cost benefit analysis, improved climate services and risk management approaches.


Focal points

1.    Ms. Tagaloa Cooper-Halo, Director Climate Change - 
2.    Mr. Espen Ronneberg, Climate Change Adviser -
3.    Ms. Filomena Nelson, Climate Change Adaptation Adviser -
4.    Mr. Salesa Nihmei, Meteorology and Climatology Officer - 



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